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afton89 [userpic]
Spike in Tara's place season 5
by afton89 (afton89)
at November 29th, 2014 (12:53 pm)


Are there any fics where Spike is in Tara's place/situation in season 5? Where Glory makes Tara kinda crazy? But with her doing that to Spike instead?

singedbylife [userpic]
Powerless by Dig or other Glory/Spike fics
by singedbylife (singedbylife)
at November 18th, 2014 (01:37 pm)

3 fics only two are working
I was looking for fics where we learn what happened between Glory tossing Spike onto her bed and to his hanging from chains in the ceiling. I found these links and am interesting in fnding Powerless by Dig but the link is "dead" - Anyone here have it or can rec some evil, hot, disgusting Spike Glory fics?

Dark Intentions by Wildannuette
by katkot81 (katkot81)
at November 15th, 2014 (07:41 pm)

I keep hearing about the story 'Dark Intentions by Wildannuette' but every link I have tried so far does not work. Does anyone know where it can be found or have a copy they could send me at katkot8@aol.com? Thanks for any help in advance.

River Rose [userpic]
seeking artwork
by River Rose (emmatheslayer)
at November 12th, 2014 (11:33 pm)

I am looking for a manip I found on lj long a go I am not sure where I found it , it was spike as Lucius malfoy from harry potter but it was so spike if anyone can help me find it I would be very happy it was just of him not of anyone else I don't know where I found it but I know it was lj thank you so much

Willow/Tara Fanfiction
by KatsukiC (katsukic)
at November 4th, 2014 (02:35 pm)

Hi I'm looking for a fic that takes place in the 6th season. In it Willow finds some kind of spell that allows her to take control of anything inside a certain area. She uses it to stop some demons by making them stab themselves or something like that. She eventually decides she should use the spell on all of Sunnydale and get rid of all the demons. She also begins putting several memory spells on Tara and I believe at some point the crystal breaks and it hurts Tara. Thanks for any help you can give.

River Rose [userpic]
spike and riley
by River Rose (emmatheslayer)
at November 3rd, 2014 (10:49 pm)

Looking for any spike and Riley fics from dark to light any rating any season I have not been able to find a lot of them and I must say its one of my favorites thank you so much

thank you

berkie88 [userpic]
Xander and Spike on the run
by berkie88 (berkie88)
at November 3rd, 2014 (02:35 pm)

Hey, I'm looking for a fic in which Xander comes home to find that the Initiative is looking for him, they've heard about his possession by the hyena a few years back somehow. He packs quickly and runs to Spike, figuring he knows how to get away from them? I think Giles was in there somewhere too. I think it had a sequel in which Spike and Xander ran into Giles again a few years later (but that might be something else?)
I hope this rings a bell fo someone!

spikesjojo [userpic]
Spuffy recs needed
by spikesjojo (spikesjojo)
at October 11th, 2014 (10:13 pm)

My wish would be for long and complex, post season 7 or NFA, where sex comes from the story. All of this is in the eye of the beholder so please - rec away!

All Human, Buffy/Spike, Working together?
by maramaster (maramaster)
at October 3rd, 2014 (09:16 pm)

Hey there,

Alright this is probably going to be tricky, as I can only actually remember one scene of this fic.

Here goes: Spike and Buffy are attending a business meeting with some creep. At a Restaurant in an hotel. They are fighting and to piss Spike off Buffy leaves with this creepy Business guy up to his room. She is actually doing it just to spite Spike and make him believe that she would sleep with this other guy. Unfortunately Buffy has injured her wrist sometime before the dinner and had to take painkillers that make her dizzy. So buffy and this guy are upstairs in his room and he tries to "rape" her and she can't fight him of because of the dizzyness. Spike follows them and fends the guy off.....
I thing Buffy and Spike are sleeping together after that incident. But I'm not sure.

So that's it. Hopefully someone can help me!

Thanks in advance.

Crystal [userpic]
Fic Search : I only remember one thing about it
by Crystal (calistal)
at October 3rd, 2014 (12:05 pm)

I am looking for a specific fic. I can only remember one small bit of it. What I remember is that in a small part of it Buffy is discussing her perfume. She says that Spike actually came up with the idea that each slayer (I'm pretty sure Faith is still around) should have her own signature scent. I think Buffy's was vanilla. I'm really hoping someone can help me find this - it's been driving me bonkers for days now.

Thank you so much for your help - in advance! Have a great day!

**Additional note : It has occurred to me that this may be in the fic (which I also can't find) that has Buffy and Spike mated in some way or form, then they meet another slayer/master vampire mate pair that has hidden themselves...or something? There may also be pregnancy in that fic? Maybe? I can't quite remember (regardless if the scent thing isn't in this fic that I'm thinking of - anyone know which one *this* one is? I can't find it and it makes me sad).

Thanks again!

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