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Restfield Place [userpic]
Mr.Gordo ficathon
by Restfield Place (rbfvid)
at July 10th, 2014 (02:37 am)

A long time ago (in 2004, I guess) there was Mr.Gordo ficathon on LJ, but I can't find the exact link. Please, tell me that I just suck at searching and it wasn't deleted/friendlocked ?..

vwalk [userpic]
Looking for specific Spike-centric fic
by vwalk (vwalk)
at June 29th, 2014 (07:19 pm)

I've read this fic several times but can't find it in my bookmarks or by google-ing. It is an EXCELLENT FIC.
It starts right after Buffy beats Spike nearly to death and leaves him in the alley. Spike is found by a Childe of Angelus (I can't remember his name but I think it starts with a 'P' - his symbol is a cross). This vampire loves spike and has been looking for Spike for decades. He hates what the slayer and the initiative have done to Spike and takes him away to heal him.

Tara, who was also trying to protect Spike ends up leaving with them.   The Sunnydale crew and Angel don't see Spike or Tara again until Dawn's graduation when they arrive in style. Although spike has continued to protect Dawn even while away.

The other vampire is the head of the Aurelius clan and has taken spike as his consort and also removed Drusilla as Spike's sire - taking her place through an ancient and dangerous ritual.

Buffy, Angel and the gang find out just how terribly they've treated spike when they see how he flourished without them.  Spike still has the chip but has grown much stronger because of it.

Its an ensemble cast fic with Xander and Anya happily married, magic abusing, arrogant Willow, Dawn, Giles, Angel, Wesley, Fred, a magically strong Tara and very multi-talented, strong Spike.

Please help.  This is a great fic. Five star all the way if you don't particularly like the way Buffy treated Spike.  Title and link would be greatly appreciated.

Meli [userpic]
Looking for a Spuffy Fic
by Meli (meli1_77)
at June 16th, 2014 (12:13 am)

Buffy and Spike had a one-night stand and I think he wrote a book about their time together. They reunite at a book signing. I remember Buffy was a photographer. One of the last chapters I read, Drusilla had Spike killed (but he was still alive, in witness protection) and Buffy was mourning his death.

singedbylife [userpic]
Xander is caught by demons, Spike must prove X belongs to him
by singedbylife (singedbylife)
at May 22nd, 2014 (09:23 am)

Can't remember if this fic was complete or not.

Xander has been caught by demons. Spike comes to get him out and in order to do so, he must have sex with Xander on some kind of stage. I believe that Spike surprises Xander by letting Xander top. (God, my reading pleasures are weird.)

Does this ring a bell to anyone? :D

Lexy_Is_Sexy [userpic]
vampire car chase
by Lexy_Is_Sexy (thekatandmonkey)
at May 18th, 2014 (07:15 pm)

There's a Spuffy that starts during the summer that Buffy's dead. In it Dawn calls.Tara after she and her friends go to a crappy club and she thinks things are going badly. Tara calls Spike to go get them, and they end up being chased by a car full of vampires. Janice freaks out after realizing what's chasing them, and Dawn's blonde friend keeps hitting on Spike even after finding he's a vampire, revealing she's Harmony's younger sister.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

singedbylife [userpic]
Protector by AngieJean
by singedbylife (singedbylife)
at May 18th, 2014 (06:47 pm)


Looking for this old hurt/comfort fic, which I read a long time ago and can't quite remember. The link on Bloodclaim and Spanderfiles doesn't work any more. Anyone knows where I can find it or has a copy?

Fenchurch [userpic]
Hollow Heroes by Boschette
by Fenchurch (fenchurche)
at May 12th, 2014 (08:31 pm)

I recently started rereading this one and have been really loving it... but I only have the first 16 chapters. Does anyone know if boschette finished it? Or if there are some more chapters somewhere? Sadly, she hasn't updated her LJ in nearly two years... so I'm a bit reluctant to just email her out of the blue about it. Thanks!

afton89 [userpic]
Female!Spike fics?
by afton89 (afton89)
at April 29th, 2014 (07:41 pm)

Hello everyone.

I posted this inquiry on a different community last year and only got one helpful rec.

Are there any fics where Spike is turned into a female or is female originally?

rahirah rec'd me IPOSSIBLY DELIGHTFUL FLESH, so any others are welcome!!!

Ideas? Slash or het are fine.

xander/spike used to be on xanderxtreme
by crow_doll (crow_doll)
at April 29th, 2014 (06:45 am)

Hi all sorry if this has been posted before. I'm looking for a fic that used to be on xanderxtreme which seems to be closed. In it, Spike got out his chip and kidnaps Xander. He makes him sleep chained up and hits him, all insisting that he loves him. Willow comes searching for Xander and Spike kills her. It's really dark. Thanks!

angelbutterfly3 [userpic]
by angelbutterfly3 (angelbutterfly3)
at April 18th, 2014 (04:11 pm)

I'm looking for a crossover where Dawn is found in a lab by SG-1 and after looking at her records of all the tortures she endured,including vivisection, they try to help her heal

I''m looking for a fic where Xander leaves Sunnydale before Buffy comes and then years later he returns with Angel and the Gang. Buffy and Jesse are together and I think Xander is suicidal. I think the title has Pure in it but can't say for sure

and a fic were the Gang does something  cruel to Xander and Anya curses them with deafness and blindness while giving Xander Slayer strength and magic.Xander ends up n LA with Angel

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