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luvmyfirefly [userpic]
Looking for a Spuffy fic where souls are in limbo with a British manor setting
by luvmyfirefly (luvmyfirefly)
at September 26th, 2016 (07:57 am)

Hi all-

Read this fic so long ago I can't remember the title or author. A lot of it is set in a sort of limbo for souls that is like a British country house. I know William and Drusilla's souls are there and possibly Buffy's while she's dead. Does this ring any bells?


ladyhatshepsut [userpic]
Buffy's and/or groom's enemies attack their wedding in xover story
by ladyhatshepsut (ladyhatshepsut)
at August 31st, 2016 (02:16 pm)

Been concentrating on Marvel fiction for awhiel and I thought I'd come back and try to find this one remembered Buffy crossover that I haven't been able to find.  I still have the image in my head of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Vin Diesel standing at the altar, I just can't remember which of Vin's characters was the groom.  So, it's either Xander Cage (xXx), Dominic Toretto (Fast the Furious) or Richard B. Riddick (Chronicles of Riddick) who is marrying Buffy Summers when the bad guys (his, hers, or both) show up to take them out.  A mistake they don't survive, either discounting her because she's short and a girl, or him because he doesn't have magic or super strength.  Anybody remember this scene, which is most likely just a part of the whole meeting and courting thing?  It's probably vanished into the mists of dead sites and changed names, but I still hope it's out there somewhere.

wrtr_aka_wmgrg [userpic]
Looking for two stories
by wrtr_aka_wmgrg (wrtr_aka_wmgrg)
at July 13th, 2016 (01:38 pm)

Hello there,

I'm looking for two BtVS stories.

1. Xander had promised to marry Dawn when she was 18. On Dawn's 18th birthday, he phones her and proposes. She's drunk and laughs it off. Buffy tells her she missed her chance.

2. This is a crossover with the Stargate universe. There's a scene where someone (perhaps John?) witnesses Xander cutting the feeding tube of a wraith, and is amazed.

And that's literally all I remember of the two stories. Not when I read them, where, author, title - nothing. Can anyone help?

Thank you.

Wesley raises the coffin from the sea
by flowergirlrin (flowergirlrin)
at July 6th, 2016 (08:10 pm)

I'm looking for a fic I read last year where Wesley did some spell to raise the coffin. I think it was storming and maybe Fred and Gunn were there on the boat. I definitely remember him talking to Giles, maybe asking for the spell and Giles asked if he was strong enough and both knowing he wasn't but there was no one else to do the spell. It might have been possibly fatal? He said it was for Angel I think and Giles understood. It was an awkward conversation and Giles was trying to be polite though he didn't like Wes much when he was in Sunnydale. Does anyone know where it is? It might have been Angel/Wesley too, I don't know.

kokoziko85 [userpic]
The crypt
by kokoziko85 (kokoziko85)
at July 3rd, 2016 (11:04 am)

Does anyone has a working link for the crypt ? I used t access it through the wayback machine but it's not working anymore

Angela Dean [userpic]
Long (ish?) Angel/Spike fic
by Angela Dean (dancingrain_77)
at June 24th, 2016 (11:10 pm)

Hello. I'm looking for a fic in which Angel is visited by some vampires, and told he has to enter the battle to become high master. He wins of course, they turn the hotel into his court, Spike is his second, and Wesley, Gunn and Illiria become pets. I've tried searching, but I can't recall who wrote it or the title. If anyone can help, that would be terrific.

Also, does anyone happen to know if Thralls by Neichan was ever finished?

singedbylife [userpic]
Winged Spike Manip
by singedbylife (singedbylife)
at June 12th, 2016 (06:58 pm)


I'm looking for a manip of a winged (and naked) crouching Spike. He is seen from the side, crouching, his hands are touching the ground and his head is bent. There is - I believe - a night sky behind him. It's a ridiculously beautiful manip and I can't remember the name of the artist at all. But I'm quite sure she's here on livejournal.

Looking for fic
by bet_an (bet_an)
at April 28th, 2016 (10:03 pm)

I am looking for a crossover fic with Stargate SG1. I remember the main pairing is Jack/Buffy but there are some wormhole issues where different Angel's and maybe Buffy's come through and the main Buffy helps Angel get with a Buffy that doesn't have so much history with him. There is also a part where an alternate Jack and Buffy disappear and Angelus watches over their kids.

Katie-kat [userpic]
Seeking a Spike/Dawn fic.
by Katie-kat (katiekat641)
at April 19th, 2016 (08:26 pm)

Details are kinda fuzzy. I remember it was a future fic, everyone in both then Sunnydale gang and the LA gang are dead, including Angel, I think. Spike and Dawn are the only two still living. Because of her key powers, Dawn cannot die, every time she tries she is regenerated at the age she was when the monks created her. Eventually, she gains some control over it and is able to pick the age she returns to life as. It does not start of with them as a couple, I believe Spike still thinks of her as a little sister at first, until she persuades him otherwise.

Mellissa [userpic]
Dawn thinks Spike was an imaginary friend.
by Mellissa (misslissa666)
at March 21st, 2016 (07:34 pm)

So after years absent from the fandom a re-watch of season five Angel has me all nostalgic for Spike so I've been reading through a bunch of my old favourite fics (and a bunch of new ones) but there's a fic that I'm after for a re-read that I can't remember enough of to find.

Basically after Buffy's death Dawn gets sent of to her father who thinks she's bug nuts crazy and sends her to a psychiatrist, who convinces her that the whole Slayer thing was a delusion she built to hide from the fact Buffy committed suicide.  She also tells Dawn that Spike was nothing more than an imaginary friend she constructed to help her cope with a lonely existence after her Mother died, or something along those lines anyway.  After time Dawn comes to believe all that and in a final journey towards accepting 'reality' she decides to visit Spikes crypt to prove to herself that he never existed...well I think you can guess how that turned out!

Anyway if anyone knows what this fic is I would be extremely grateful!

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