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Looking for fic
by bet_an ( bet_an)
at April 28th, 2016 (10:03 pm)

I am looking for a crossover fic with Stargate SG1. I remember the main pairing is Jack/Buffy but there are some wormhole issues where different Angel's and maybe Buffy's come through and the main Buffy helps Angel get with a Buffy that doesn't have so much history with him. There is also a part where an alternate Jack and Buffy disappear and Angelus watches over their kids.

Katie-kat [userpic]
Seeking a Spike/Dawn fic.
by Katie-kat ( katiekat641)
at April 19th, 2016 (08:26 pm)

Details are kinda fuzzy. I remember it was a future fic, everyone in both then Sunnydale gang and the LA gang are dead, including Angel, I think. Spike and Dawn are the only two still living. Because of her key powers, Dawn cannot die, every time she tries she is regenerated at the age she was when the monks created her. Eventually, she gains some control over it and is able to pick the age she returns to life as. It does not start of with them as a couple, I believe Spike still thinks of her as a little sister at first, until she persuades him otherwise.

Mellissa [userpic]
Dawn thinks Spike was an imaginary friend.
by Mellissa ( misslissa666)
at March 21st, 2016 (07:34 pm)

So after years absent from the fandom a re-watch of season five Angel has me all nostalgic for Spike so I've been reading through a bunch of my old favourite fics (and a bunch of new ones) but there's a fic that I'm after for a re-read that I can't remember enough of to find.

Basically after Buffy's death Dawn gets sent of to her father who thinks she's bug nuts crazy and sends her to a psychiatrist, who convinces her that the whole Slayer thing was a delusion she built to hide from the fact Buffy committed suicide.  She also tells Dawn that Spike was nothing more than an imaginary friend she constructed to help her cope with a lonely existence after her Mother died, or something along those lines anyway.  After time Dawn comes to believe all that and in a final journey towards accepting 'reality' she decides to visit Spikes crypt to prove to herself that he never existed...well I think you can guess how that turned out!

Anyway if anyone knows what this fic is I would be extremely grateful!

spikesjojo [userpic]
Tea and Biscuits
by spikesjojo ( spikesjojo)
at March 18th, 2016 (08:41 pm)

Tea and Biscuits is gone - does anyone know if it's saved anywhere - Wayback machine? It's one of my favorite comfort fics!

luvmyfirefly [userpic]
Looking for a fic in which Buffy finds Spike's coat on display
by luvmyfirefly ( luvmyfirefly)
at March 18th, 2016 (09:02 pm)

Hi all-

I'm trying to remember a fic I read in which Buffy discovers Spike's coat on display somewhere (maybe in a bar?) and it turns out Angel betrayed him and gave him away as a slave? Is any of this ringing any bells?


Betrayal by BEN-Beyond the Elusive Nomads
by scoobydawn22 ( scoobydawn22)
at March 17th, 2016 (01:30 pm)

I'm trying to track down a copy of this fic as it has gone from fanfiction.net. Does anyone have a copy they could send me?? *puppy dog eyes* :D

Help to find fic
by ayrshirelass84 ( ayrshirelass84)
at February 29th, 2016 (06:32 pm)

I am looking for a Spander fic I read once, cant remember where though.

I think in it Spike and Xander are sort of dating, but Xander thinks that Spike is only with him cos Buffy doesnt want him.

They are out one night and they are attacked by a demon, Xander calls out for help but no one helps and he sees Spike rushing to help Buffy, which increases his believe that Spike doesnt actually want him. It turns out that the Demon has made Xander invisible or something.

I believe Xander ends up fatally injured and has to be turned.

If anyone can tell me what this is, it would be most appreciated

ladyhatshepsut [userpic]
(SG-1 xover) A Goa-uld tries to posses Xander on Halloween
by ladyhatshepsut ( ladyhatshepsut)
at February 28th, 2016 (01:25 am)

I'm trying to locate a Buffy/Stargate SG-1 crossover that begins with O'Neill and team chasing a Goa'uld through the streets of Sunnydale (or are they in Cleveland).  It tries to possess Xander who's out with several mini-Slayers dressed as pirates for Halloween, but is pushed out by Willow's anti-possession spell.  After some discussion Xander agrees to go to the Mountain so SGC can figure out why the Goa'uld couldn't take him over.  Hellmouth business brings him back home to his house full of mini-Slayers.  For reasons I've forgotten the NID (I think) stage a midnight raid on the house and one of the girls is killed.  Heart-sick and enraged, Xander plans revenge until the spirit of the dead Slayer talks him out of it.  (I think Faith and Spike are at the house and I think I recall Dawn at the hospital with the dead girls housemates.)

marilynloren [userpic]
by marilynloren ( marilynloren)
at February 18th, 2016 (12:43 am)

I wonder if there are any Buffy/Giles/Faith stories of any rating out there? If there is, please tell me.


marilynloren [userpic]
Hi! Looking for some really old fics
by marilynloren ( marilynloren)
at February 16th, 2016 (05:20 am)

It's funny. While I am rebuilding my bg archive, fragments of old stories are randomly popping into my head.

The latest one is where Giles is about to be knighted by the Queen (who is one of the few non watchers who know) when a demon shows up. Giles asks permission to use the Queen's sword to kill it together with Buffy. After winning, they continue with the ceremony.

Another one is a B/g/f fic. In it Buffy and Faith get all hot and bothered for Giles because of some Watcher/Slayer mating instinct and It will be Buffy's first time doing it. Giles freaks a little because it will the first time in history that there are 2 active Slayers.

Any help finding them will be greatly appreciated.


Feel free to delete this post if it doesn't meet the criteria.


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