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A BtVS & AtS Fanfiction Search Community

Looking for Fanfic, Graphics, Manips, Screencaps? Maybe We Can Help

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Seeking_Spike:A BtVS & AtS Fanfic Search Community
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This is a community to find specific fics/art/vids/screencaps/etc. that you have already read or seen. It is not a community to find recs. With that in mind, please be conscious of your posts and requests.

If you are looking for GENERAL recs, please visit our sister site: find_buffy_recs

***This community was created as an aid to those in search of fanfiction, essays, graphics, artwork, and screencaps (or anything else you can think of) having to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series.

***Despite the Spike-centric name for this community, it's actually for any and all of the characters and/or ships in the Buffyverse. :)

***Please feel free to request help in finding the location/author/artist of your favorite BtVS and AtS creations.

***Please DO NOT search for "Real Person Fic". This community is limited to character-based items.

***Harassment of other members will not be tolerated.

***Please refrain from using "netspeak" (iz, plz, 2, thx, U, etc.) or EXCESSIVE CAPLOCKS.

***If looking for more than one item, please do so in list form (as opposed to lumped together in one paragraph).

***If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding this community, or if you feel a poster has somehow voilated the aforementioned rules, please contact one of the moderators at the following:

CopyKween @ aol.com
bloodytearsoflife @ hotmail.com

Thanks go out to bloodytearslife for making and posting the kick-ass new banner, and making everything prettier! :)

::::If you are looking for GENERAL fic/art/etc. recs::::

PLEASE Check out our sister site:

Here is the scoop:
This community was created to help you find recs for anything in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. Read a story about Spike and Buffy switching bodies and want to find more stories? Or looking for Angel/Cordelia videos but don't know where to find them? Then this is the community for you. Sign up and start posting your recs!








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If you love the worlds of Buffy and Angel and the amazing characters that Joss created in those worlds; if you love them for their complexities, their strengths, their weaknesses and the incredible depths of character that they were given—then you will enjoy this community.




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