Search: {Spander} AU Fic: Twisted Fates series

I am hoping someone here will be able to assist me in finding this missing story.

Story summary: A What if, an AU in which; What If Spike had been the one to get the soul, instead of Angelus? From there the whole thing snowballed—including some variations on things that happened with Xander and the hyena.

It was one of my favorites and a very interesting AU story titled: Twisted Fates series by toobusy2write (Kat B) which was hosted on Penetrating Urges, the site and the story have disappeared.

It's been a while since I last looked into Btvs Spike/Xander fics. I managed to keep a few favorites on a disc from 2007 but silly me, did not bother keeping a copy of this fic, because Book 3 had not yet been written and it probably never did. But I know Book 1 and Book 2 were completed.

I am hoping someone has a copy of the story or can direct me to a hosted site for the story?

I already tried the way back machine, and though it had the cover page, it did not have the links to the chapters.

any assistance in locating this fic or gifting a copy would be very much appreciated.
Jazzy (
jazzy2may [at] hotmail [dot] com

House Rules series by Wee6boys or domething similar

Hi guys, so as I have posted before I am looking for Bringing Him Home"House Rules" serie By Wee6boys/Lizzie.

Of similar stories. But I forgot to tell you what the story is about! I am so stupid.

So basicly Angel dicides to take back Spike and take care of him. Spike becomes hia fledgling again. Gets sire blood and is spanked if he is naughty. I remember them living in the penthouse. And that Spike has pain from the chip of were it used to be. And is afraid of docters, but tried therapy. Anfel did not know this. I hope somebody can help.

And else I would like stories similar. Angel taking care of spik. Treating him like his Childe

Thank you.

Giles gets sent back in time, meets immortal Ramirez, finds the body when he comes back to now

Going through a lot of older stories I haven't read in a while and I'm recalling some I can't find that I'm sure I had downloaded. *sigh* The one I have in mind this time has Giles accidentally getting caught up in a spell that sends him back in time. He end up in the home/estate/castle of the immortal Ramirez, teacher to the elder Highlander. Giles is there for a few week, waiting for the right time or for Willow getting the right material together to bring him back. When Giles comes back to now he realized that Ramirez's body is hidden somewhere on the grounds. Amanda shows up in time to help.

No promises that I won't be back here hunting for another lost oldie. When you're sick and in pain at home you have so much time for reading. Ta!

Spander Fic Long Read, Long Lost!

Hey, all.

I'm looking for a fic I read *years* ago. I've been looking on Spanderfiles, but so far, not luck. Obviously. I'm looking for a Spike/Xander fic, where the two boys are already together as a couple, when both their daddies come to town.

Xander's some kind of demon, and Willow, Giles, and maybe Tara? know that and what he is, while Buffy is left cluless. Xander is actually older than he is in canon.

Angelus made a deal to the demon, I think it was after he lost a bet? Anyhow; he promised that his boy, William/Spike, would marry the demon's child when he was of age? I think that was it.

Anyhow, both come to town (Angelus never told Spike about the deal) and tell the two boys that they basically have to part from one another to marry their intended.

I can't remember what Xander's Daddy tells him, but I remember that Angel and the Scooby Gang restort to keeping Spike contained in a cage in the Magic Box, where he refuses to feed and generally sulks.

I know it got a happy, ending, though, with the two boys disocvering that they were actually put in contract to *each other.*

Any help is much appreciated!