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pen in hand [userpic]
1 xander/angel fic, 1 xander/spike fic
by pen in hand (addieloves)
at July 12th, 2012 (08:48 pm)

the first one i am looking for is a xander/angel fic. i thought it was called inspired madness or inspired darkness. the fic started off with xander kidnapped by demons while in los angeles to get a book or something from angel - angel rescues him. the story has quite the kinks in it; from ankle socks to spanking giles at the magic shop. later in the story spike gets involved. they also plays with riley a bit.

the second fic is a female!xander/spike one. i think that xander was turned into a girl by a spell i think. anyways, spike took xander to new orleans. i can't remember more then that.